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Cookie3 is the future standard in the field of on-chain behavioral analytics.

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You can think of Cookie3 as Google Analytics for Web3. Cookie3 is the data engine aggregating, processing, and interpreting all existing NFTs, smart contracts, and tokens on a variety of chains for one common purpose – understanding the behavior of individuals.

Thanks to our innovative AI and ML solutions, we do it with laser-point accuracy.

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Web3 and Metaverse

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Every user gateway to the blockchain-based Web3 is their wallet. This unique blend of transparency and privacy unlocks Cookie3 potential.

NFT personalization

Personalizing NFT creation and distribution based on on-chain analytics.


Stay tuned! Behavioral on-chain analytics + social networking? Probably nothing.

Ads targeting

Advertisement targeting, based on selected characteristics of an on-chain wallet.

Personalization in Web3

We enable a radical shift in the next-level user experience for all Web3 dApps.

Customer insights

Combine on-chain and off-chain data to learn your customers’ preferences and segmentation.

Behavioral scoring

Start defining specific conditions for IDO allocations, claimable Airdrops or NFT whitelists.


Blockchain data?

Cookie3 makes it personal.


Life is better with friends.

  • Our cooperation increases our value offering with behavioral analytics tools for the NFT projects we onboard. We believe the NFT projects will highly benefit from knowing how to target their potential customers and investors in an effective way.

    Esad Kilic – Co-Founder


  • The tech being built by the Cookie3 team is groundbreaking and has nearly not been done before in the decentralized analytics industry. We are excited to be partnering with the Cookie3 team.

    Vikram Bhushan – Product & Engineering


  • For HashUp, as a company that is a bridge between web2 and web3 games, it’s crucial to have such a qualified partner like Cookie3. Our customers are our core interest and we believe that thanks to Cookie3 we are getting to know them even better.

    Michalina Brokos – Co-CMO


  • Blockchain-Ads attribution is fueled by the Cookie3 data analytics and on-chain users segmentation.

    Giacomo Colaianni – Head of Product


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