Cookie3 started as a conversation

between a group of entrepreneurs, who love building solutions and blockchain technologies.

Why did we create Cookie3?

Some big companies start in someone’s garage. Others in a dorm room. But every innovative breakthrough starts with an idea. We realized that there’s a market gap for behavioral analytics in the world of Web3 and there’s a huge potential to improve the user experience of dApps and blockchain products.

We started designing and building our privacy-first, on-chain behavioral analytics solutions back in mid-2021. That led to first strategic partnerships and platform integrations.

Since then, things only got better and we haven’t stopped building and delivering. 

Our vision

Famous quote from Margaret Mead says:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Cookie3 and our dedicated, passionate and highly skilled team will change the world of Web3 user experience. One line of code, one partnership, one integration at a time.


Filip Wielanier

Chief Executive Officer

Ex-Deloitte professional with over 6 years of experience in IT, banking & marketing. Involved in crypto for over 4 years, community leader since 2018, and member of many DAOs. Scholar of many leadership & mentoring programs. Technical background with an entrepreneurial attitude and UX focus.

Wojtek Piechociński

Chief Technology Officer

IT Architect with over 10 years of experience in building large-scale applications & platforms in the finance industry. Expert in designing IT solutions and implementing them with various technology stacks. Strong skills in solving complex issues proved many times during his work in the finance sector.

Łukasz Furman

Chief Data Scientist

Passionate about data mining, especially interested in biocybernetics, neuroinformatics, mind research and social behavior. In symbiosis with data visualization and generative graphics. Data scientist at the Nicolaus Copernicus University and Intermedia art teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.

Kris Lubiniecki

Head of Product Development

Loves building products that make an impact. Technical product manager, engineering lead, not afraid of coding or copywriting. 8 years of experience in building digital solutions for international brands.


Kasia Goldmann

Marketing Lead

Working as a Marketing Executive for several crypto, blockchain & Web3 related brands. Main focus: brand strategies, marketing budgets, marketing automation & digital, management.

Krzysiek Madej

Software Architect

Responsible for high-level system design choices combining requirements with technical solutions to provide high-quality product.

Piotrek Powierża

Blockchain Developer

Backend developer with 4 years of experience in building large-scale data solutions. With Cookie3 from the beginning.

Patrycja Sawicka

Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist with 6+ years of experience in AI, data engineering, and data visualisation. Proficient in predictive modeling, computer vision, segmentation, and data processing.

Olek Wiśniewski

Backend Developer

Focuses on implementing highly efficient and scalable solutions for data analysis and builds Cookie3 infrastructure.

Piotrek Sitarz

Frontend Developer

Software engineer with 5 years of experience in building robust, responsive web applications.

Rafał Tutak

Frontend Developer

Specializes in frontend data visualization. Proficient in building intuitive and user friendly dashboard and data flows.

Paulina Licznerska

Social Media Manager

Passionate about extreme sports, social media and building Web3 communities. Kind of the same thing.

Wojtek Mrówka

NFT Strategist

Degen & NFT Specialist, responisble for providing complex NFT and crypto knowledge, researching current trends in the market and exploring potential partnerships.

Agnieszka Chytła

Project Manager

Responsible for project management and C-level support. Facilitates communications with different partner projects.


Paweł Łaskarzewski

Synapse Network

A self-driven serial entrepreneur and early investor. Crypto enthusiast, data analyst, tech advisor & strategic investor, Co-Founder of Synapse Network.

Tom Kopera

Blockchain Ventures Hub

Blockchain investor and advocate, serial entrepreneur, Oxford University graduate. He considers blockchain to be more than just a technology.

Tomek Karmowski

Entrepreneur, EO'er.

Founder of 2 businesses: medical marketplace and ecommerce b2b platform, both acquired by strategic investors. Early-stage investor and LP in VC funds in web3, gaming and biotech space.

Amid Yazdi


Fintech/Cybersecurity product manager with experience in leading fortune 500 consulting and finance industry firms. His GameFi economics knowledge and web3 network has supported many projects from incubation to post-launch.

Michał Brański

Wirtualna Polska Holding

Member of the Management Board and one of the main shareholders of WP Holding; reading and debiasing.

How can you become a part
of the Cookie3 ecosystem?


If your project could benefit from our solutions, let us know! We are always looking for integrations that can help projects deliver the best user experience.


Join our value-sharing program. Whenever a staking wallet address will be profiled (so its behavioral analytics will be used), it will be rewarded part of the revenue made on that transaction. Everyone will be able to earn money with their own data whenever it is used by any of our business clients.

Active community

Join us and help us grow. We will reward community members that will help identify new tokens, smart contracts, NFTs or projects that are launching on the blockchain (we will need to be up to date with all of the new projects that are entering Web3 space).

Join us on Discord